70th Cherokee National Holiday T-Shirt

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Unisex, 100% Cotton (Sizing Up Recommended)

5X & 6X Sizes Now Available!  Please note that, due to size restrictions on current style, 5X & 6X are a different shade of green and ring spun 50/50 Poly/Cotton blend.

The 70th Annual Cherokee National Holiday theme is “Forging a Legacy: Seven Decades of Cherokee Fellowship.” The theme and art were designed to honor the 70 years of Cherokee fellowship during the annual Holiday gathering.

The center of the Holiday design features the official Cherokee Nation seal surrounded by traditional Southeastern design elements. The Southeastern design elements feature an expansion of the inner four directions and symbolize Chief Hoskin and Deputy Chief Warner’s first four years in office. A circle with 11 arrows represents Chief Hoskin and Deputy Chief Warner’s 11 key initiatives put into effect since taking office in 2019, including the Housing, Jobs and Sustainable Communities Act; the Career Readiness Act; the Durbin Feeling Language Preservation Act; the Historic Registry Act; the Cherokee Heritage Center Act; the Park, Wildlands, Fishing and Hunting Preserve Act; the Public Health and Wellness Act; the Verna D. Thompson Early Childhood Education Act; the Wilma P. Mankiller & Charlie Soap Water Act; the Respond, Recover and Rebuild initiative; and the Cherokee Nation Justice System expansion initiative.

Other elements reflect a Mississippian ceremonial design and symbolize the Cherokee communities being interwoven with the Cherokee Nation and tribal government. Vertical and horizontal rectangles inside the circle reflect the 70 years of the Cherokee National Holiday.

The artwork was designed by Cherokee National Treasure Dan Mink.

The Cherokee National Holiday commemorates the signing of the Cherokee Nation Constitution in 1839, which re-established the tribe’s government in Indian Territory after forced removal from the Cherokees’ original homelands in the Southeast.