"Over the Hills"

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Giclee artwork by award-winning Cherokee artist Ron Mitchell.  Each piece is numbered.

"When Lt. Henry Timberlake visited the area in 1762, most of the towns still had Muskogean names, i.e. Tallassee, Chilhowie, Settiquo, Tanasi, Toquo, Tommotley, and Tuskeegee, even though they were occupied by Cherokee.  Only Chota, founded in 1735, and Mialaquo, founded about 1755, bore Cherokee names.  Although there had been a number of visitors the Cherokee Territory in the 1700's, documentation of Cherokee customs, traditions, and lifestyle was sparse.  That changed with Henry Timberlake's 'Map and Memoirs", the most complete account of 18th century Cherokee life."

10" X 14"