"Rainbow Raven"

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Giclee on canvas of original digital art by Cherokee artist Anita Mitchell. 

"The story of the Rainbow Raven is a supposed Lenape legend, symbolizing the value of selflessness and service.  However, the Lenape origins of this myth are denied by the Lenape-Nanticoke Museum, which attributes it to the Cherokee story know as the 'First Fire.'  In the story about the 'First Fire' the 'Rainbow Raven' was the most beautiful bird of all the birds and animals and she was very vain about it.  So when the birds and animals decided to bring fire to the people, she said 'Since I am the most beautiful bird, I will bring back the fire.'

She flew to the real fire, but it was too hot and the smoke was too thick and she came back without the fire.  Because of her vanity, her rainbow color was forever turned black from the fire and smoke."

16" x 20", numbered print.