Anvdvnelisgi (Performers)

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Anvdvnelisgi is the first album of its kind featuring Contemporary artist performing original music in Cherokee, representing the diverse genres of Psychedelic, Metal, Folk/Americana, Country, Rock, Alternative Folk, Reggae, Pop, and Hip Hop.  Available in both CD and vinyl, the album comes with a booklet with lyrics written in both Cherokee and English are provided to help listeners follow along to these amazing songs:

Austin Markham – Osdawidigalisda / Goin’ Be Alright - Pop

Zebadiah Nofire – Digaduhhvska / The Baker - Hip Hop

IIA – Anvdvnelisgi / Performers - Pop

Kalyn Fay – Judadatla Tsisqwa / Spotted Bird - Folk/Americana

Agalisiga Mackey – Gatlohiha / Cherokee Yodel - Country

Monica Taylor – Aamaha Digasawosdi / Salty Tears - Folk/Americana

Travis Fite – Squasesdedi / Shelter Me - Reggae

Desi & Cody – Hatsewa / Spill (The Tea) - Rock

Aaron Hale – Diyohisdi / Disconnect - Psychedelic

Ken Pomeroy – Galvladi / Grey (Skies) - Alternative Folk

Colby Luper – Uktena - Metal

Medicine Horse – Kuwa Detlukv / The Orchard (in the Mulberry Trees) - Metal

Bonus Track:  Kawnar w/ Cora Flute – Inage’i - Animated Series Theme Song (lyrics not included)