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This CD was inspired by the songs sung by Marie Junaluska of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians during a Cherokee language preservation meeting. Having never heard them before in Oklahoma it was felt that it was important to collect and share these songs with the choir, helping pass along this musical legacy with its roots in our homeland back East.

Tlegiyuquo Iga - Hymn 84 Shortness of Life
Aniyo Itsilugi - Hymn 34 I will Tell you What God Has Done for Me
Yihowa Tsagvwiyuhi - Hymn 2 Introduction to Public Worship
Tsisa Elohi Tsehei - Hymn 64 Dedication of Children
Yihowa Tsatseli - Hymn 115 Eternal Sabbath
Squatinisesdi Yigewa - Hymn 26 Guide me Jehovah
Tsutsilvsv Gvhida - (Bell Community Translation) Where the Roses Never Fade
Awinv Edanvdada - Hymn 43 Podigal Son
Unelanvhi Uwetsi - Hymn 33 Jesus My All
Unelanvhi Uwetsi - Hymn 87 Christ's Second Coming
Tsisa Unisganvtsvhi - Hymn 50 Lord, Remember Me
Galvladi Tsosv Digenusv - Hymn 125 There is a Happy Land