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The theme of the 72nd annual Cherokee Holiday is "ᎢᏛ ᎢᎦᏤᎵᎦᏯ ᎾᏍᎩ ᏧᏩᎬᎬᏗᏗᏒᎢ:  Weaving Our Future."

The theme and art were created and designed by Cherokee National Treasure Dan Mink and are meant to illustrate the traditional story of the water spider, one of the smallest creatures that demonstrated that, no matter how small, every one of the tribe's more than 450, 000 citizens can make great and significant contributions to the fabric of Cherokee culture that will have positive impacts on future generations of Cherokees.  "Weaving Our Future" also refers to the many ways Cherokee culture is interwoven into every aspect of our daily lives, both big and small, from revitalizing and perpetuating the Cherokee language to caring for our children and our elders.

In the Holiday artwork design, the seal of the Cherokee Nation in the center of the design and on the back of the water spider represents our tribe's collective effort to put the nation and our people at the focus of every decision and how we all work together, in the spirit of Gadugi, to lift each other up.  The water spider represents the story of the first fire and the bravery shown by this small creature that made an important contribution to the fabric of Cherokee culture.  The imagery of a water spider weaving a web also connects to this year's focus on "Weaving Our Future."

Seven stylized clan masks represent the tribe's seven clans that comprised Cherokee Nation's traditional matriarchal society.  Three white rings connect each clan mask and are symbolic of past, present, and future generations of Cherokees.  A flower design at the top of the circle of the seven clans represents those who, through no fault of their own, have lost their clan affiliation.

The flower is made of three seven-pointed petals to present the person and each of their parents.

The outer ring, consisting of 72 circles, represents the 72 Cherokee National holidays that have been celebrated by the tribe since the adoption of Cherokee Nation's constitution on Sept. 6, 1839.  The three ropes surrounding the water spider, taken from the Cherokee Nation Seal, represent the three branches of Cherokee Nation government:  the Executive Branch, led by Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Deputy Chief Bryan Warner, the Council of the Cherokee Nation, and the Judicial Branch.

The different weave patterns are the many ways Cherokee culture is interwoven in our daily lives as we honor and preserve our cultural identity while "Weaving Our Future."

Unisex, 100%, lightweight cotton.