After Removal: Rebuilding the Cherokee Nation

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Gilcrease Museum recently showed an exhibition entitled After Removal: Rebuilding the Cherokee Nation. The exhibition illustrated not only a critical time in the history of the Cherokee people, but also a decisive moment in what would become the state of Oklahoma. This book, under the same title, tells this story through the stark contrasts of the human experience — discord and harmony, war and peace, success and failure — and in the end, the creation of a solid foundation for the future of the Cherokee people. The publication features research conducted locally at Gilcrease Museum and the Helmerich Center for American Research by the following scholars:

-Introduction and memorandum to Duane H. King, Ph.D., by W. Richard West, Jr.

-Cherokee Men’s Clothing From Removal to Rebirth: an Assertion of Cultural and Political Identity, by Cécile Ganteaume

-The Park Hill Cherokee Intelligentsia: Examining the Role of a Cherokee Community in Shaping History, by Candessa Tehee, Ph.D.

-The Cherokee Syllabary: Its Development and Evolution, by Roy Boney, Jr.

-The Emergence of the Cherokee Nation Post-Removal through Architecture, by Sharon Baker, Ph.D.

Contributions to this book are made by Sharon Baker, Roy Boney, Jr.; Cecile Ganteaume, and Candessa Tehee.