Trail of Resistance by Deante' Moore

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In the middle of the design there are two Indigenous people (representing adults & children) wrapped in a blanket. The color of the blanket is the color of the medicine wheel. The medicine wheel is significant for many teachings specifically the 4 directions & interconnectedness. As Native people, we share a commonality of our own individual Trail of Tears. The cracked blanket represents forced relocation, land theft, and other acts of colonial violence affect all nations through the imbalance of oppression. The snow is for a Alaskan relatives and the ocean waves are for Hawaiian relatives. On the left, I included desert imagery because for Natives West of turtle island. The right side shows trees and grass to represent the plains and woodland areas that indigenous people are from. Two eagle feathers represent how we deliver our prayers and receive blessings. It also is beaded with a random to highlight 2 spirit relatives. Resilience & strength is what we inherit from our Ancestors!

Materials: Digital print.

Size: 8" x 8" x 1"