Bird Effigy Vessel by Troy Jackson

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Being a Cherokee artist, I have a tremendous fascination with Southeastern pottery, Some of my greatest influences range from artifacts found at the Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma to those found in Etowah, Georgia. One such influence is the effigy vessel, Effigy vessels are jars, bottles, and bowls made in the shape of humans, animals, and mythological figures. Some of the animals represented are fish, frogs, turtles, and birds. They are exquisite examples of the craftsmanship and engraved patterns found during the Middle Mississippian period, existing from AD 1300 to 1600. One in particular is the bird effigy bowl. It has been a favorite of mine due to the opportunity it offers to replicate the grace, elegance, and beauty of a bird.

Materials: Clay, ferric chloride firing process.

Size: 32" x 10" x 10"