Warrior Has Defeated Uktena by Verna Bates

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It is said that each of the scales from Uktena's body had great medicinal powers, and the beautiful crystal on Uktena's forehead gave the ability with which to "see tomorrow,"as into the future. The scales and crystal were highly sought after by warriors. However, if the warrior made eye contact with Uktena, it meant instant death for the warrior. I have created clay pendants to represent the scales from Uktena, and I've added crystals to represent the coveted crystal from Uktena. There is a grouping of four hand-formed clay beads representing the four directions. Uktena was thought to travel far and wide in all directions. Ear wires are sterling silver.

Materials: hand-formed clay beads, clay pendants, copper, crystals

Size: 36" x 0" x 0"