Wear Your Mask by Eva Cantrell

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"Wear Your Mask" was created by sewing 116 masks together in an order that can be made into a wearable skirt and blouse. The skirt contains 60 masks and is vented at the knee for walking ease. The elastic waist of the skirt was created by turning it down to the front so as to show the extra row of loops hanging down. The blouse contains 56 masks and was created to be a pull-over with a turn back collar. The bottom of the blouse is vented at each mask for ease in donning the piece. Since "Wear Your Mask" was created with reversible masks, it is, of course, wearable on the blue side with the loops showing, or the white side, for a less ornate look. Either way, add a belt or a nice ribbon at the waist to complete it.

Materials: Disposable masks; Thread, Elastic, Ribbon.

Size: 50" x 40" x 1"