Bisontooth Pattern Jacket by Kimberly Lollis-McCauley

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I’m so excited to showcase this design for the Cherokee Nation, because it is this connection with my culture that is a grounding force in my life. I wanted to create something timeless, and I love the iconic duotone pattern of houndstooth, an ageless pattern that can be incorporated into practically any artistic endeavor or medium, such as textile, 2D, 3D, abstract or digital. During my research I stumbled upon interesting variations, including catstooth and a loose attempt at an elephant pattern. I thought to myself, “How neat would it be to have a unique yet versatile design inspired by our culture? What about our bison? How inspiring would it be to have high-end and functional fashion with this new design for the world to see?" Surprisingly, a bisontooth-style pattern had yet to be designed or conceptualized. After much trial and error, I’m happy to say that I have created the first Bisontooth© pattern as seen on this locally printed fabric, sewn into a classic structured jacket.

Materials: Fabric, polyester; women's size 16-18.

Size: 40" x 19" x 1"