Choctaw Spirit by Paul King

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Painting on a weathered window pane provides a look from the past into the future, with a three-dimensional effect. The pony is painted on the glass; the Choctaw youth dancers and the grandchildren’s letter are drawn and then attached to the window pane behind the glass front.

The Choctaw pony represents life renewed; the Choctaw youth dancers emulate traditions, unity and the sharing of culture and family; the letter relates a message from any grandparent to their grandchildren. For me, it relates to my seven grandchildren. The letter reads: "Dear grandchildren, Remember your past, plan for your future. My dad, your great grandpa, had a Choctaw pony when he was young. He lost his parents to illness at the same young age. He overcame a lot to accomplish a lot. I hope that you will do the same with the opportunities you are offered. Be kind, take nothing for granted, be responsible, and keep the Choctaw Spirit alive in you. Love Always, G’Pa"

Materials: Acrylic paint on distressed windowpane (glass/wood); graphite on art board.

Size: 19" x 28" x 2"