Flower Dress and Purse by Tonia Hogner-Weavel

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Cotton tear dress has floral and gold beaded paisley embellishments on the yoke, sleeves and skirt contrast bands. Beaded on velvet the four flowers represent the four directions. Antique French glass buttons are used. A small Cherokee styled purse, cotton velvet, with the same floral pattern is added.

I've always wanted to incorporate my two loves, sewing and beadwork, into a stylish garment.

The dress is size 14 with a 32" waist and has 3/4 sleeve length and 3/4 skirt length. These are considered traditional for a Cherokee tear dress. The neckline has been lowered for a more sophisticated look.

Materials: Cotton and velvet fabric, glass beads.

Size: 47" x 45" x 5"