Healing Hummingcap and Earrings by Deante' Moore

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The Humming Bird signify peace, love and happiness within a lot of Indigenous Cultures. Walela is the Cherokee Indian name for Hummingbird. I heard of the Hummingbird in several storytelling of the Cherokee and I was happy to hear that the hummingbird is also used. I beaded this with good intentions and positive energy of significance of unity within tribal nations and healing for our communities. The colors are those of tranquility and beauty. I hope whoever chooses to wear this knows that they are covered with good spiritual support and healing as they journey.

Materials: Size 11 Glass Seed Beeds, Silver Earring Cones and Hooks, Nylon Thread, Strap Back Hat, Humming Bird Patch.

Size: 5" x 5" x 5"