Hesaketv Breathe by Melinda Schwakhofer

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Hesaketv :: to breathe
Breath gives us life. Hesaketvmese, our Creator made the First World. The open ended spiral is the Mississippian symbol for wind/breath.

My Mvskoke ancestors had centuries old, strong trading networks. We used copper from the Midwest and shells from the Atlantic coast in our artwork.

The Mvskoke and other southeastern tribes were the first to encounter European invaders. In the 1530s Spaniards brought brutal violence and pestilence to many of our Nations. Then, as now in the time of COVID-19, to take the wrong breath, could lead to death.

Materials: Hessian & cotton fabric, seed pearls, yarn and copper metallic thread.

Size: H 29.5” W 13.5” D 3”