Medicine Ways by Steven Morales

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“The Medicine Ways” storyteller necklace was created to pay respect to both of my families and the Plains & Southeastern tribal ways.

The pendant consists of symbols that represent a person's journey through a Sundance ceremony, paying respect to our Sioux and Cheyenne Sundance families. This piece features a mosaic inlay lightning bolt cabachon created from Kingman & Royston turquoise, three Peyote buttons, clouds raining hail stones, and sun shining down on a painter's hand, with a small, natural red coral cabachon to represent red paint by the painter's hand.

The necklace part of this piece was created from my all handmade/carved metal and stone beads, consisting of 28 copper beads, 54 silver beads, 16 turquoise beads, two natural coral beads and eight corn beads.

Materials: Silver, copper, brass, turquoise, natural coral, corn beads.

Size: 30" x 4" x 3"