Path to Prosperity by Paul King

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With the theme of hope and prosperity during these times of the unknown, this painting also symbolizes the struggles to overcome the past.

The footprint (in molded clay) symbolizes the path of the U.S. government’s forced removal of American Indians from their homelands to Indian Territory, also known as Oklahoma.

The Luksi (Choctaw for turtle) takes the next step to greener pastures and a better life. The turtle denotes healing, wisdom and longevity. On the toe of the modern moccasin, a graphic turtle emphasizes the progress that we continue to make daily as Choctaw people. Hope is placed in the inner sole, symbolic in so many ways.

The three-dimensional presentation of this painting makes it unique, not only in appearance, but more in meaning. For each step we take, we strive to move forward in all that we do. We need to remember our past and make the best of each day we are given.

Materials: Wood base, modeling clay, leather shoe, acrylic paint.

Size: 36" x 12" x 7"